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Our philosophy

Explore with us the diversity of the Dominican Republic....

Boutique hotels instead of big hotel resorts, rental car-discovery tours and round trips instead of laziness at the beach. The Dominican Republic has a lot to offer and a lot of surprises for those who betake themselves to the inland and the virgin places of the island…

Dom Rep Tours is a young, leading, foreign agency in the Dominican Republic. Our company has been founded according to Swiss law in 2006 by experienced European tourism professionals. The German-Swiss management as well as their professional team on site focuses successfully on the support service of small and medium-sized tour operators as well as on an raised clientele or rather up market segment. High reputed tour operators of the whole world belong to our business partners.

Our clients
Our clientele have confidence in our knowledge and experience. We are always there for you for the cultivated traveler. Custom-made, with style and an individual note. As one of a view Tour Operators Dom Rep Tours offers, beside the classic all inclusive holidays, also individual journeys into the inland of the Dominican Republic. European Tour Operators as well as cultivated and ambitious direct clients of the raised or rather up market segment rank among our clientele who wants to get to know this completely different face of the Dominican Republic.

What we offer
We offer a broad product range, consisting for example of group- and private journeys, airport or other transfers, rental car trips, representative service as well as flight and hotel bookings.

Across the country we provide the complete service range of an incoming agency:

  • Custom-made, creative and original programs at fair prices
  • Exclusive special offers and exceptional activities.
  • Fast, exact and complete responses
  • Communication in German and English (as well as French and Spanish)
  • Presence at the office as well as on Saturdays including long accessibility by telephone (also after 7 pm)
  • High knowledge about the country and the most important beach-, city- and round trip hotels (based on our own experience)
  • Creative programs and round trip offers in perfect German – ready for presentations and
  • Personal customer briefings at the hotel and
  • Selected, motivated and special trained representatives for a raised or high rather up market segment.
  • Adequately and detailed documentations for rental car journeys including journey descriptions
  • Cross-boarding high standard programs

What makes us unique

Dom Rep Tours is one of view agencies in the Dominican Republic which does not focus on the mass tourism. We are an agency where the word ‹‹Service›› still has a special meaning. Especially in the German market we understand us as one of the leading specialists. A big advantage is our direct communication with our German speaking colleagues on site, which exactly know the need of our German clientele.

Our philosophy
We want to develop constantly. Our top priority is to offer the best service to our clients. With many years of experience, we know how to meet the need of our individual clients and to make sure, that you enjoy your stay and always will look back with joy onto your holiday in the Dominican Republic. We do not want to just satisfy our clients, we want to inspire them!

Our goal for the future
With the enthusiasm above average of our employees and our always customer-oriented work we want to extend our position as travel specialist for the Dominican Republic. We want to grow and persuade with a professional, flexible and special service.

We will always be there for you!

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